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One of my best friends April 2, 2008

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One of my best friends is my penpal KangXi. She is from China and 13 years old. Xi has black hair and darkbrown eyes. She is always very nice and can always give good tips.

Xi and I have the same hobbie, she loves, as I, music. Since she is four years old she plays the piano. She also likes English very much, because she can comunicate better because of it. She also likes Geography, because she learns about different cultures, cities,…

KangXi lives with her parents in a small apartment in Urumqui. But she is only in the week-end there, because she goes to a boarding school.

I can always trust my penpal, I can tell her all my secrets, because I know that she won’t tell it anyone others, altough.. if she would I wouldn’t be angry, because she doesn’t anyone others without me from Austria.

Even though we haven’t met yet, we are very good friends. I know her very well and I really don’t want to loose her.


English in Action März 10, 2008

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Last week we had English in Action. Two native speakers from Great Britain came to us. Our class was split up into two groups of about 15. Every lesson the teacher changed. In the first lesson we had Nick, next lesson Moira and so on. Both were really nice, they always had fun with us. We got a book, with which we worked the first three lessons. In the fourth lesson we made quizzes or played games. In the fifth lesson we worked on our projects, and in sixth lesson we worked on our show for Friday.

I made my project with Doris and Karina. We’ve chosen to make a biography about ourselves.  We looked for some photos when we were babies, when we went to kindergarten and when we went to primary school. We took the best ones and gave it into a power-point-presentation. On Friday, when we saw all the parents who would watch our presentation we got very nervous. We didn’t want to make the presentation, because it was so embarrassing, but we made it, and it wasn’t as horrible as we thought.

Altogether I really enjoyed English in Action. We had very much fun. I don’t know if my English has improved so much, but we learned some slang words and that was really interesting.


The Lion King Januar 23, 2008

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Today I would like to tell you something about my favourite film when I was a little girl. I think the Lions King is a very cute and fascinating film about africas animal world.

A short summary…


Everything turns on the everlasting circle of the life, shown in the life of the lion Simba. In the beginning sequence of the film the son of Sarabi and Mufasa, the lion’s king, is showed the animal world as their coming ruler. All animals bow to him, only one isn’t with the ceremony: Scar, brother of Mufasa and angry about his lost the throne. When Simba grows up slowly, his father tells him about being the king of the animals soon. 

The fact that the light of Mufasas rule already goes out shortly after, is because of Scar. First he lures Simba into a trap and when his father wants to save him, he overthrows him in the death. He gives the guilt, however, quite only to the young lion, because he wants to become the king of the lions. Of full shame and reproaches the young Simba leaves his empire for good. For good? No, that’s not true, because there is still Pumba, the wild boar and Timon the stripe croissant!! 

If you don’t know how the film ends, don’t ask me, watch it!! It’s absolutely great!!



Charlotte Brontë Januar 17, 2008

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Charlotte Brontë was born April 21, 1816 in Thornton, Yorkshire, England and died March 31, 1855 at the age of 38. She is the novelist of „Jane Eyre“. Jane Eyre tells her life, her experiences. She has also written the books „Shirley“ and „Villette“.




Jane Eyre

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I’ve just finished reading the book „Jane Eyre“ in english. I think it is a very good book and that’s why I tell you something about it now.

At the age of 10 years Jane, an orphan, has to leave her aunt and her cousins, who were very unfriendly to her. She has to go to Lowood School. She is pretty happy there.

At the age of 18 she works in Thornfield as governess for Mr. Rochester. She has to look after the nin-years-old Adèle, whose mother, a good friend of Mr. Rochester, had died. Jane falls in love with him, although he seems to love Blanche Ingram, a very unfriendly, but rich woman.

After Jane has looked after her ill aunt, Mr. Rochester asks Jane to be his wife. She says yes, but in the church the lawyer Mr. Briggs says that Mr. Rochester is still married. And really, his mad wife lives with Grace Pool, who looks at her, in the third etage of Thornfield Hall.

Jane leaves Thornfield Hall immediately, she finds a new home in the house of the clergyman St. John Rivers and his two sisters Diana and Mary. They discover that they are cousins. St. John wants Jane to become his wife and work with him in India as missionary. Jane refuses, because she doesn’t love him at all. Suddenly she hears the voice of Mr. Rochester.

The next day she takes a coach and drives to Thornfield Hall. But Bertha has made a fire by herself and she had died. She finds Mr. Rochester who is blind now and he has left one hand also. They marry and are happy ever after.


INDIANS Dezember 1, 2007

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In our english lessons we are talking about Native Americans at the moment. We read about traditional Indian clothes. In the story a girl doesn’t want to dress like the traditional Navajo way. I imagined that I was a Native American, what would I do? Would I dress like a traditional Indian, or not? I really don’t know, because I can imagine both. I would like to dress like a traditional Indian because I would want to keep my culture. But on the other hand, I would be an outsider and maybe some would laugh at me. I am happy that I’m not a Native American, because I really don’t know what I should do.

                                         navajo.jpg         navajo-clothing-01.jpg


MY SISTER QUIANA November 26, 2007

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Today I will tell you something about my little princess. My sister Quiana was born on 1 April 2004. This year she started going to the kindergarden. Some time ago my mother and I drove her to the kindergarden and when she saw her best friend Lisa she went with her into the playroom hand in hand, so sweet!! Quiana is my little sunshine, she always makes me laugh! She loves to dance. She is very good at it! She is always sooo.. nice. OK, not always, but most of the time. But nevertheless I love her because she is my little, funny & cute sister!!