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One of my best friends April 2, 2008

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One of my best friends is my penpal KangXi. She is from China and 13 years old. Xi has black hair and darkbrown eyes. She is always very nice and can always give good tips.

Xi and I have the same hobbie, she loves, as I, music. Since she is four years old she plays the piano. She also likes English very much, because she can comunicate better because of it. She also likes Geography, because she learns about different cultures, cities,…

KangXi lives with her parents in a small apartment in Urumqui. But she is only in the week-end there, because she goes to a boarding school.

I can always trust my penpal, I can tell her all my secrets, because I know that she won’t tell it anyone others, altough.. if she would I wouldn’t be angry, because she doesn’t anyone others without me from Austria.

Even though we haven’t met yet, we are very good friends. I know her very well and I really don’t want to loose her.


MY SISTER QUIANA November 26, 2007

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Today I will tell you something about my little princess. My sister Quiana was born on 1 April 2004. This year she started going to the kindergarden. Some time ago my mother and I drove her to the kindergarden and when she saw her best friend Lisa she went with her into the playroom hand in hand, so sweet!! Quiana is my little sunshine, she always makes me laugh! She loves to dance. She is very good at it! She is always sooo.. nice. OK, not always, but most of the time. But nevertheless I love her because she is my little, funny & cute sister!!



Presentation of myself Oktober 19, 2007

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Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah and I’m a twelve-year-old girl from Kienberg bei Gaming in Austria. I have three sisters, their names are Tamina (10), Raphaela (8) and Quiana (3). my mother is 38 years old and her name is Birgit. My father is 7 years older than my mom and his name is Hannes. He works in Denmark for Shell.

He has to go there by plane every week, so I only see him at the weekend. My mother does not work at the moment, but she studies art-therapy in Vienna.

The city I live in is not very big or great. It is just a little town in Lower Austria. The only thing you can see is the „Kartause“, which is a very old building like a church, only much bigger. The people there are different. Some are very nice and warm-hearted, others are real devils!

I speak German, English and a little bit of French. my hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, making music (piano, clarinet), swimming, relaxing and sitting in front of my computer to write e-mails or play different games.

I want to become a music therapist when I am older. So after school I’d like to study music therapy in Vienna. I want to help people who are handicapped or in short: I want to help people with problems. I want to help them through singing, making music, dancing and acting. I think it is much more interesting than only talking about problems. As a music therapist you let the people tell their problems and then you search for a way to help them by music, I think it is a beautiful job!

Yours Sarah



MY BIRTHDAY, 16. 10. Oktober 18, 2007

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Today is my birthday. Now I’m thirteen years old. Yes, I am just thirteen years old!

I went to school when I was five years old. Everybody is laughing at me because I’m so young!!! Everybody is asking why. I tell them that it is because I started school one year earlier and they answer“I wouldn’t like this!“ Then I think „You are 18 when you take your A levels, I am 17 so I can study earlier and that means I am younger when I get a job and so I can retire earlier!“