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Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – Something happens Juni 2, 2008

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Rahul (Sharukh Khan) and Anjali (Kajol) are students at St. Xavier’s College. They are best friends, and Rahul loves Anjali. But one day Tina (Rani Mukerji), the principal’s daughter arrives at St.Xavier’s. She is beautiful, feminine and intelligent. Rahul falls in love for her as soon as he meets her, which was just the time that Anjali realized that she has some feelings for Rahul, because he said in class that love begins with friendship. This creates a romance triangle. One day, Rahul confesses his love for Tina to Anjali. So Anjali leaves college suddenly, to forget the heartbreak he caused.

Tina & Rahul marry and have a child, whom tina gives the name Anjali. Tina dies in childbirth, but she had written eight letters before her death. Every year, on Anjali’s birthday, she is given a letter and hears her mother’s loving wishes. In the eighth and also last letter, the little girl is told about the woman from whom she has her name. Tina writes that Rahuls first love could be the mother for Anjali that she needs and wants.

The little Anjali believes that the older Anjali can make her father happy again, and decides to find Anjali. Finally Anjali finds Anjali. And her father and his old love meet in a camp, where Anjali wos a camp-teacher and Anjali Jr. her pupil. Rahul soon finds old feelings reviving. However, Anjali has to marry another man, Aman. So, there are a lot of complications, but in the end Aman steps aside to let the couple marry at last.


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