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India is with a surface of 3.287.590 square kilometers the seventh-largest state of the earth.

The highest point is the mountain Kangchendzönga, with 8.598 meters height, which rises in direct border to Nepal. The highest mountain which is completely on Indian area is the nanda Devi, with 7.822 meters.



India’s longest and certainly most important river is the Ganges or also called Ganga. The Brahmaputra, which flows through the country in the northeast, unites with the Ganges and forms before the aperture into the gulf of Bengalen an enourmous delta.





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In my next few texts I will tell you something more about my and also my family’s favourite country, INDIA.

It’s a country in south-Asia. The himalaya is the natural border at the north of India. In the south it’s the Pacific Ocean.

The republic borders on Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Other neighbouring states in the Pacific Ocean are Sri Lanka and the Maledives.

India has culture, which is variously and partly very old.

The republic is a many people state and with 1.129.866.000 inhabitants the secondarymost densely populated country of the earth.

The offical languages are English and Hindi, and the capital is New-Delhi.



One of my best friends April 2, 2008

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One of my best friends is my penpal KangXi. She is from China and 13 years old. Xi has black hair and darkbrown eyes. She is always very nice and can always give good tips.

Xi and I have the same hobbie, she loves, as I, music. Since she is four years old she plays the piano. She also likes English very much, because she can comunicate better because of it. She also likes Geography, because she learns about different cultures, cities,…

KangXi lives with her parents in a small apartment in Urumqui. But she is only in the week-end there, because she goes to a boarding school.

I can always trust my penpal, I can tell her all my secrets, because I know that she won’t tell it anyone others, altough.. if she would I wouldn’t be angry, because she doesn’t anyone others without me from Austria.

Even though we haven’t met yet, we are very good friends. I know her very well and I really don’t want to loose her.