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English in Action März 10, 2008

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Last week we had English in Action. Two native speakers from Great Britain came to us. Our class was split up into two groups of about 15. Every lesson the teacher changed. In the first lesson we had Nick, next lesson Moira and so on. Both were really nice, they always had fun with us. We got a book, with which we worked the first three lessons. In the fourth lesson we made quizzes or played games. In the fifth lesson we worked on our projects, and in sixth lesson we worked on our show for Friday.

I made my project with Doris and Karina. We’ve chosen to make a biography about ourselves.  We looked for some photos when we were babies, when we went to kindergarten and when we went to primary school. We took the best ones and gave it into a power-point-presentation. On Friday, when we saw all the parents who would watch our presentation we got very nervous. We didn’t want to make the presentation, because it was so embarrassing, but we made it, and it wasn’t as horrible as we thought.

Altogether I really enjoyed English in Action. We had very much fun. I don’t know if my English has improved so much, but we learned some slang words and that was really interesting.