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Jane Eyre Januar 17, 2008

Filed under: Books & Films — sarahkoch @ 7:20 pm

I’ve just finished reading the book „Jane Eyre“ in english. I think it is a very good book and that’s why I tell you something about it now.

At the age of 10 years Jane, an orphan, has to leave her aunt and her cousins, who were very unfriendly to her. She has to go to Lowood School. She is pretty happy there.

At the age of 18 she works in Thornfield as governess for Mr. Rochester. She has to look after the nin-years-old Adèle, whose mother, a good friend of Mr. Rochester, had died. Jane falls in love with him, although he seems to love Blanche Ingram, a very unfriendly, but rich woman.

After Jane has looked after her ill aunt, Mr. Rochester asks Jane to be his wife. She says yes, but in the church the lawyer Mr. Briggs says that Mr. Rochester is still married. And really, his mad wife lives with Grace Pool, who looks at her, in the third etage of Thornfield Hall.

Jane leaves Thornfield Hall immediately, she finds a new home in the house of the clergyman St. John Rivers and his two sisters Diana and Mary. They discover that they are cousins. St. John wants Jane to become his wife and work with him in India as missionary. Jane refuses, because she doesn’t love him at all. Suddenly she hears the voice of Mr. Rochester.

The next day she takes a coach and drives to Thornfield Hall. But Bertha has made a fire by herself and she had died. She finds Mr. Rochester who is blind now and he has left one hand also. They marry and are happy ever after.


2 Responses to “Jane Eyre”

  1. Franz Gruber Says:

    What kind of version did you read? I suppose it was not the original, was it? 😉

  2. sarahkoch Says:

    No it was not the original version. It has only about 100 pages.

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