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Presentation of myself Oktober 19, 2007

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Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah and I’m a twelve-year-old girl from Kienberg bei Gaming in Austria. I have three sisters, their names are Tamina (10), Raphaela (8) and Quiana (3). my mother is 38 years old and her name is Birgit. My father is 7 years older than my mom and his name is Hannes. He works in Denmark for Shell.

He has to go there by plane every week, so I only see him at the weekend. My mother does not work at the moment, but she studies art-therapy in Vienna.

The city I live in is not very big or great. It is just a little town in Lower Austria. The only thing you can see is the „Kartause“, which is a very old building like a church, only much bigger. The people there are different. Some are very nice and warm-hearted, others are real devils!

I speak German, English and a little bit of French. my hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, making music (piano, clarinet), swimming, relaxing and sitting in front of my computer to write e-mails or play different games.

I want to become a music therapist when I am older. So after school I’d like to study music therapy in Vienna. I want to help people who are handicapped or in short: I want to help people with problems. I want to help them through singing, making music, dancing and acting. I think it is much more interesting than only talking about problems. As a music therapist you let the people tell their problems and then you search for a way to help them by music, I think it is a beautiful job!

Yours Sarah



MY BIRTHDAY, 16. 10. Oktober 18, 2007

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Today is my birthday. Now I’m thirteen years old. Yes, I am just thirteen years old!

I went to school when I was five years old. Everybody is laughing at me because I’m so young!!! Everybody is asking why. I tell them that it is because I started school one year earlier and they answer“I wouldn’t like this!“ Then I think „You are 18 when you take your A levels, I am 17 so I can study earlier and that means I am younger when I get a job and so I can retire earlier!“